by Richard Miles.

As I put pen to paper, August has just gone and for the first eight months of this year I have raised over £1,400.

Now to the main appeal.  Christmas will soon be upon us along with long dark evenings, which is of course your golden moment to help me by clearing out everything in the garage, the potting shed, the house (including roof space) and don't forget to clear out your wife/girlfriend's wardrobes and bring the whole contents down to me at Bitton Bargains as I am there most Sundays waiting for those donations.  Once again, here is a list just to remind you, especially those who have forgotten to donate to me:-

Toys, games, puzzles, records, tapes, CDs, videos, fashion shoes and accessories, china, brassware, glassware, paintings, pictures, stamps, postcards, coins and banknotes, pots and pans etc. - in fact I will take most things in clean, good condition except Jumble and electrical goods.

More Railway Videos and Railway Books.

I need you help, so please clear out all your railway videos and books and donate every single one to me.  This brake act will make your wife or girlfriend smile brightly for weeks on end!

No More Railway Magazines.

Sorry, I do not want any more railway magazines unless they are Back Track, Trains/Locomotives Illustrated (large or small) or very old and collectable.  Always ask me before donating any railway magazines to see which ones I am willing to take in.

I am willing to take other types of magazines such as Hello, OK, hair magazines etc (ask me before donating).

More Rubbish Please.

Think before you throw anything away in the bin - I can turn rubbish and scrap into cash.  I am collecting aluminium cans, aluminium, brass, copper, lead, stainless steel, gold, silver, tin foil - in fact any metal that a magnet does not stick to.

Stamping Around Again.

I am still collecting all stamps from every country - on paper, off paper, on postcards, mint or used, on envelopes.  In fact I want everything and anything to do with stamps and stamp collecting including your old schoolboy/girl stamp collections.

A Shopping List.

I have a shopping list of items I need for use in the Bargain Store.  They are two good foldable tables, and lots of strong storage boxes etc.  Any donations of these will be gratefully received.

And finally, I am here most Sundays so I need anything and everything except jumble and electrical goods.  Ladies, don't forget I am willing to accept the whole contents of your wardrobe including your collection of handbags and hundred shoes! 

Richard Miles.

BITTON BARGAINS sell anything - well almost!

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