December 2003

At the last Board meeting some time was spent discussing incidents which happen at the Railway and which are not reported - or not reported correctly. It is important for everyone to remember that any incident must be reported immediately to the office or to the Responsible Officer (if on duty). Appropriate action can then be taken if necessary. All Operating staff are reminded that they must complete a report before leaving the site if they are involved in any incident which takes place during operational movements.

John Payne and Ken Goodway recently attended a Heritage Railway Association Special Forum at Crewe. The purpose of the forum was to discuss the HSE discussion document 'Safety of the Railway - Shaping the Future'. The morning session was a presentation by the HSE and the afternoon session drafted the HRA's response, with the aim of shaping it to meet the requirements of the majority of Member Railways. The following morning saw the HRA's Networking Forum, which discussed Trespass and Vandalism; Insurance ; Fire Precautions and Statistical Returns - with the General Meeting in the afternoon. Anyone who would like to find out more about topics raised at this forum should speak to either John Payne, David Cole or Ken Goodway.

As reported by the Trustees, Gary Lockyer has been appointed to the Board of Directors and the Board looks forward to what will be a valuable addition to the existing team.

November 2003

The last meeting of the Directors was held jointly with the Trustees to examine one or two urgent matters arising from recent events at the Railway.  One of these was the difficulties which arose from poor internal communications between Departments and working members.  In particular, it was realised that decisions made by the Directors and Trustees were not always fully or widely explained, resulting in a lack of understanding and, in some cases, a degree of resentment. An attempt to overcome part of this problem is the 'Whistle Blower' newsletter that has now been produced.

It had also been noted that some members were working what, in many respects, might be classed as unsociable hours.  Whilst everyone's enthusiasm is what we thrive on, at the same time it has to be acknowledged that out of hours activity should be kept to a minimum.  It was agreed that guidelines should be drawn up to help to control this situation in a manner which would be to everyone's satisfaction.

It was also agreed that Ken Goodway should assume responsibility for all operating matters, these to include liaison with Her Majesty's Railways Inspectorate, operating rules and regulations, rosters and operational matters regarding works and passenger trains.

In addition to his existing duties, Peter Bell has agreed to assume responsibility for all employment matters.

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