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The HRA have just held the first ever competition for Heritage Railway websites.  The aim of this competition is to encourage Webmasters to improve the quality of their websites. This is achieved by:

*  Providing direct feedback about their website to all entrants.

*  Setting bench marks for other Webmasters to aim for by publicising the best websites (i.e. the competition winners).

There were two categories, Category A was for websites representing heritage railways and museums that are open to the public, Category B was for websites representing groups that are not open to the public (e.g. locomotive / rolling stock preservation groups or other specialist groups).  In total forty one websites were entered for the competition.

The winner for Category A was the Bluebell Railway website, whilst that for Category B was Stately Trains.  The Bluebell Railway romped away with the points, scoring 259 points (second in Category A was the East Somerset Railway with 233 points).  The lowest score was 141 points.  'Semaphore Online' scored 197 points.  Detailed feedback from the HRA will be sent to entrants over the coming weeks in order that webmasters can see where they could improve their sites.

The judging criteria was to look at the following aspects of each website entered.

*  Content (What information is available)

*  Structure (How is the content arranged. Logical grouping of information on various pages)

*  Ease of navigation (Menu bars, blocks of icons, text links at top/bottom of page etc)

*  Promotion (e.g. Search engine rankings).

*  Speed (Does each page download within 10 seconds over slow connections)

*  Accessibility (Does the website work for visitors with disabilities?)

*  Up to date (Are the timetable, events and news pages up to date?)

*  General appearance (page layout, headers, logos, colours etc)

*  Flexibility (How well does it adapt to different browsers and screen sizes)

*  Communications (contact details for feedback and timely responses from any email correspondence sent to advertised addresses).

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