Over the May Bank Holiday the combined rail/river boat trips began operating - on many days throughout the year passengers on the Avon Valley Railway have the opportunity to purchase a river boat ticket as well as their train ticket to make their visit to the Avon Valley even more enjoyable.  The following is a pictorial look at what is on offer.

These shots show RSH No. 7151 approaching and drawing into Avon Riverside.

The next picture is from the train as we draw into our new station.

These two shots show the RSH running round it's train at our new, southern station.

Looking over the side of the Avon bridge we see the river boat 'Elizabeth' patiently waiting for its next load of passengers - the picnic area is to the right.

Passengers boarding the 'Elizabeth' - a shield inside the boat proudly announces that she was involved in crossing the English Channel to rescue our soldiers at Dunkirk.

The sight we've been waiting so long for - a train steaming across the River Avon bridge.  RSH No. 7151 pulls out of Avon Riverside station and across the bridge - there was even a break in the clouds for this momentous occassion!

Setting off from the Avon Picnic Area landing stage - the captain gives a commentry on the journey of noticeable sights along the River.

Passing under the Avon Bridge and heading towards Swinford (or Swineford if you want to be old fashioned).

The boat turns at Swinford lock and weir and makes its way back along the river towards the railway once again.

Passing under the railway bridge again the boat continues along the tranquil River Avon passing the Avon Valley Country Park where it turns once more to head back towards the railway.

Approaching the landing stage after the forty minute river journey, there seemed to be a lot of activity on the bridge . . . . .

. . . . . as the boat docked once more it's passengers, and those people on the bridge, were kept amused by youths jumping off the bridge and into the river - although I can't guarantee you'll see this on every boat trip!!

All Photo's - Tony Wray.

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