February 2004

A meeting was held on 23rd January in order to discuss details regarding running to Avon Riverside, plus other points of general information. It turned out to be a very profitable meeting and it is hoped to repeat the exercise once Avon Riverside has been up and running for a few months. It was assumed that those who did not attend the meeting or pass on contrary views were happy with the timetable and the increased number of running days. Working practices will be altered, of course, to make sure that staff are not on duty for longer than twelve hours – except under exceptional circumstances.

All operating staff should, by now, have received their availability sheets for the March to May period so please return them as soon as possible - and definitely by 16th February AT THE LATEST. Also, please make sure that you put the Training Days in your diary even if you can only do one trip. It is important that you get a feel for running to and from Avon Riverside.

If there are any queries before the regular timetable begins, please contact Ken Goodway or any senior member of the Department who will do their best to help you. Everyone involved is looking forward to the new season.

December 2003

With Santa Specials now up and running and the weather taking a turn for the worse, we need to be very careful moving around early mornings when it is dark wet and slippery. Also at the other end of the day it will be dark before we finish running, so make sure that you have your torches and hand lamps ready.

Thanks to all those who have volunteered to do duties of any description over this period and the department can look forward to meeting in the New Year to discuss next year’s running days and timetable.

September 2003

As most of the operating department are aware, Steve Walters is giving up the position of crew rostering at the end of the year. Steve has done this rather onerous task since 1997 when, on most railways, roster clerks only last for about a year. Many thanks to Steve for doing the rostering that has been difficult at times when staff have not returned their availability forms.

The Directors and Trustees have discussed the situation and have asked a group of people from within the operating department to look after the rostering of operating staff. The rationale for this is that the Directors and Trustees feel that with the increase in operating days it would be too onerous a task for one person. The group is made up as follows, and their individual responsibilities are as follows:-

Dave Burton - Footplate Inspector, in association with Colin Forse, responsible for reviewing training/progression of staff, incident corrective actions.

Dave Cole - Administration, responsible for issueing and receiving all data at the station relevant to staffing, availability and issue of rosters.

Ken Goodway - Overall responsibility to HMRI for operating, reporting, safety, records, incidents, accidents etc.

John Miles - Steam locomotive maintenance, responsible for availability of steam locomotive to meet operating and works requirements.

John Payne - Diesel locomotive maintenance, responsible for availability of diesel locomotive to meet operating and works requirements.

Steve Walters - Responsible for locomotive mileage, maintenance records, coal and diesel fuel, oil, supplies etc.

The working of this group will be based in the Operations Office at Bitton, in order to ensure all data applicable to operating the railway is readily available on site, if an inspection from the HMRI takes place.

Rules and regulation examinations will still be carried out by Paul Stanford as required.

In addition to the above group, there will be short term working groups for specific projects as required, in order to use the expertise of the appropriate people.

Thank you for all your efforts over the past year, and I look forward to your co-operation in the future.

Ken Goodway.

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