34058's yellow storage PMV van No. 2213 has undergone a transformation in recent weeks.  It is now painted in authentic 1940's Southern railway Malachite green from the 'Bulleid era', complete with SOUTHERN in Sunshine lettering and with the correct 'Luggage' and other information stencilling.

The van was built by the Southern in 1935 at Ashford works and was one of the many hundreds of this and similar highly sucessful designs (they are still very useful vans - we have four of them at the AVR and many are preserved at other railways around the country). It would have spent the majority of its life as a luggage and parcels carrier (hence the 'XP' designation), and would have been attached to express and local passenger trains, as well as working in parcels and goods trains. It survived into BR and was eventually converted by them into a tool van for the Eastleigh breakdown train, where it aquired it's yellow livery.

Following being declared redundant by BR, it was purchased in the early '90s and moved to the AVR where it has been in use as a stores vehicle behind 34058 'Sir Frederick Pile' ever since.

Follwing the re-covering of the roof a few years ago, the recent refurbishment work has seen the interior of the van susbstantially tidied up and electric lighting fitted, with any rotten body planks being replaced and the interior and exterior repainted. The underframe has also been cleaned and re-painted.   Most of this work was carried out by Paul and Wayne Osbourne, and the final touches to the livery and signwriting was by Alan Fibbens. The other side of the van will shortly be completed to give a fully finished period vehicle which looks much better than the tatty yellow that people have been used to.

Attached are some pictures (before and after) showing the extent of the refurbuishment to the van.

Text and photo's - James Fibbens.

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