Obviously the major project to see through at the moment is the completion of track-laying at Avon Riverside.  At this precise moment things are on hold, but this is only whilst the ground is prepared for the next stage.  

For anyone who hasn't been down to that end of the line, the main line currently runs through the new station site and the farmer's crossing and a second point is also in place.  The next stage is to complete laying track for the run-off and the run-round loop - work which it's hoped will be completed over the Christmas period.  This, of course, has to be followed by spreading the ballast, levelling and lining, all of which should probably take another two weeks.  It is the experience of the track gang that prepares them for the unexpected and, with second-hand materials 'something usually turns up'.  However forewarned is forearmed.

Rather like a young boy who's just received a birthday present for his train set, the Department are a little smug over their acquisition of another 9 ¼ to 1 point. What this means for the Railway is that we have acquired for free a potentially expensive piece of rail which will stand us in good stead for any further extension.  The point still has to be stripped and cleaned, and then stored either in the yard or at Cherry Gardens.

With Avon Riverside the first priority, the only work likely to supersede it at the moment would involve safety considerations.  It's good to hear that, whenever there's work to be done, people make themselves available.

At the same time the Department could always do with more volunteers, so please pass the word around any of your friends outside the Railway.

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