by Doug Edwards

During the mid 1990's, Doug Edwards drew almost sixty track layout/signalling diagrams of Midland Railway signal boxes in the Bristol/Bath area.  Enhanced from signal box diagrams, with additional notes and information of interest, they will prove to be invaluable to the enthusiast, modeller or anyone with an interest in local railway history.

These diagrams will be placed onto this web site over the coming months, sorted into three sections - firstly, the Mangotsfield to Bath branch; followed by the 'main line' from Bristol through Mangotsfield to Westerleigh (and the Yate branch); ending with the Avonmouth branch.

The diagrams are normally not of a particular date, but include most of the important developments that occurred as the line developed to its peak, however there are also a number on the Mangotsfield to Bath branch showing the final signalling diagrams in the last years of the line.  Virtually every MR signal box in the Bristol/Bath area is covered, including many rarities such as Kelston box (which shut in 1947, the details of which, it is believed, have never been published before); Westerleigh Up Sidings, which was identical to Westerleigh Down Sidings which faced it (believed to be unique within the British railway system); and even the temporary signal box which was open for just three months in 1935 to allow trains to run bi-directionally on one line whilst the river bridges on the Mangotsfield to Bath branch were strengthened for the heavier locomotives that were then being built by the LMS.

A key to the symbols used, plus notes on more complex matters or peculiarities, along with abbreviations used, is provided for each set of diagrams, and it is strongly recommended that this page be opened before proceeding to the main signalling diagrams.




Mangotsfield to Bath Branch



Bristol to Westerleigh & Yate Branch


Avonmouth Branch



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