A recent report has shown that the number of houses able to connect to the Internet soared during 2001, from around one third to just under a half (48%). Visitors to 'Semaphore Online' have soared too - looking at my statistics for the last year shows that for most of the early to middle part of 2001 there were an average of around 400 visitors per month, but by the period November 2001 to February 2002 this had risen to around 600 visitors per month. Happily this trend has continued, with March being my 'busiest' month so far, with just under 950 visitors, and at the time of writing this (22nd April) it looks like this month will match or even beat it, with 750 visitors so far in the first three weeks.

One of the most popular features of the web site was the weekly update of the work going on to extend the loop at Oldland Common, with Monday and Tuesday always being the busiest days as people logged on to see what the Crane and Permanent Way departments had been up to the previous weekend. This feature will continue over the next year or so as we undertake our biggest project ever, the building of Avon Riverside station. I can’t promise that this will be a weekly update (for a start the site is nowhere near as accessible as Oldland Common), plus work will no doubt go forward in fits and starts - but hopefully most major work carried out at the Avon Riverside site will be chronicled on 'Semaphore Online' over the next twelve months - you can help of course, by sending me any news or photo’s of progress that I might not be able to record.

Finally, I am working on three more websites at the moment, all of which (to a greater or lesser degree) have a connection with the AVR. More news as and when they go live.

Anthony Wray.
'Semaphore Online' Webmaster.

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This page last updated by Tony Wray on 22/4/2002.