Here we are once again (as I'm writing this) near the end of another season of Sunday Lunches, with just the September one to go.

The year has been a very hectic one with almost every Sunday Lunch train virtually full; in fact we started off the season with an overflowing train (72 covers), which certainly put us to the test.

In June and July we catered for the Southmead Staff Association, they had to split the dates, there being almost a 100 in total, and in August we catered for a local Church group.

Due to lack of staff we have, unfortunately, had to turn down quite a few further bookings, in fact only a week ago we had to refuse a party of approx 50 for a Christmas meal ,due to the non-availability of volunteers.  I would therefore like to ask, if there are any budding Chefs, Waiters/Waitresses, even Kitchen Porters, please don't hide in the closet, come along and join our band.

Looking forward to next year, if enquiries so far are anything to go by, it's going to be just, if not busier, than this one.  Before I sign off, I would just like to thank all those who have lent their support.  I know that without them I would not have been able to produce the meals our patrons have come to expect.

Clive Tilling.


You will have read above about the success of the Steam n Cuisine service so far this year.

At the beginning of September we ran our last Sunday Lunch service of the year which was full to capacity. As a result of this lunch we filled the remaining seats for our Christmas evening meal, some three months before it is due to run. In fact, at the same time we also received our first booking for the 2002 Christmas meal!

This is a great success story for the railway and we should be justifiably proud of our achievements. However, this is only possible due to the dedication of the Steam n Cuisine team who work so hard to provide such a professional service - a big THANK YOU to you all for your commitment.

The team is already looking forward (in more ways than one) to next year's delights and have set the dates for the 2002 lunches as follows:

March 10 (Mothers' Day), May 26, June 16 (Fathers' Day), July 14, August 4, and September 29.

Leaflets publicising these dates and the new menus will be available just prior to Christmas.

Our culinary skills are obviously becoming well known as we have already accepted a booking for a Wedding Breakfast in September next year. This is not the first wedding reception we have catered for, but hopefully will be the first with the addition of our reception coach in the running set.

The new coach, known to those that are working on it as the MPO (Multi Purpose Open), has received some attention in the last few months from John Smith and his team of helpers. During the cold, dark and usually wet winter days we expect the work to continue at a good pace and hope to see it completed at the end of August 2002.

This coach will also prove invaluable for many other functions, in particular for enticing businesses to use our unique facilities instead of stuffy hotels.

If you would like to help with the restoration of this coach, either physically or financially ,please contact either John Smith or myself

The next coach to receive the Steam 'n' Cuisine treatment will be Multi Purpose Open (formerly FK) 13231 seen at Bitton on 27/11/2000 - note the double doors that have been incorporated in the coach to ease loading of equipment in the future.  Originally used by the SAS at Hereford for training purposes, when this vehicle was first purchased it came complete with bullet holes and Stun Grenade blast damage!!
Photo - Tony Wray.

David Cole.

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