The annual Valuation Day at Bitton Station has become a very successful event, unearthing a number of valuable railway artefacts. No surprise, therefore, that, at the beginning of September, the invitation went out once again for everyone to investigate their attics, cupboards and drawers for some hidden railway treasures.

Last year one man came with more than a dozen carriage destination boards which had once been used on long-forgotten Scottish branch lines. He was pleased to discover that the boards were worth at least £100 each. Another local resident was staggered to discover that his Edwardian signalling equipment was rare and very valuable. This was born out soon afterwards when it was sold at auction for a total of £2,000.

This year's event took place at Bitton Station on Sunday 5th September and visitors with items of Railwayana (as it's known) received a free valuation from expert Paul Baulch.

"It was probably the best valuation session we've ever had", said Paul afterwards. "Some very interesting pieces were brought along, including a number of handlamps and several old carbide inspection lamps. There was a collection of old GWR and British Rail posters, some GWR sleeping car blankets and, of great local interest, one person had a Mangotsfield Station sign, whilst another had a collection of 100-year-old Midland Railway paperwork - also from Mangotsfield. To cap it all, the sun shone all day".

Paul Baulch, who is also one of our Trustees, has been collecting and studying Railwayana for over thirty five years. "Like so many young lads, I was an ardent trainspotter" he told us. "Then I bought a railway lamp for seven shillings and sixpence (37.5p in today's money) - and the collecting bug bit. It's amazing what people still have tucked away, and it's rewarding to be able to give them an idea of the value, to save anyone being deceived by unscrupulous dealers".

Photo Above - Paul Baulch with the 7/6 railway lamp which started his collecting bug.

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