is born.

With the railway now firmly established as a seven day a week business, and progress moving forward quicker than ever before, the Trustees have decided to introduce a third tier of communication to the membership - complementing 'Semaphore' magazine and the 'Ground Signal' newsletter.

'Whistle Blower' is aimed primarily at the working member at Bitton, and plans to keep everyone up to date with progress being made at the station.  As addressed in Bob Hitching's Chairman's Report, it was felt that some decisions made by the Directors and Trustees were not always fully or widely explained, resulting in a lack of understanding and, in some cases, a degree of resentment.  'Whistle Blower' has been introduced in an attempt to overcome part of this problem.

'Whistle Blower' is written/edited by Stuart Hobday.  As mentioned above, the newsletter is primarily aimed at the working member at Bitton, and will not be distributed to members in general, only a limited number of copies being distributed around the Bitton station site.  However Stuart will be sending me copies of 'Whistle Blower' as they are produced, and any relevant information will be put onto this website, and printed in future copies of 'Ground Signal' and 'Semaphore'.  

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